House Republican Leader Applauds Veto of Gun Grabbing Legislation

Concord, NH- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to Governor Sununu’s veto of HB687, relative to extreme risk protection orders. 100% of Republicans opposed it’s passage in the House and were joined 22 House Democrats.

“Democrats since coming into control have dedicated themselves to trying to erode the 2nd Amendment rights of Granite Staters. HB687 would have set a dangerous precedent by adding yet another tool to strip law-abiding citizens of their guns. This bill will inevitably result in false accusations and abuse that will lead to suspension of an individual’s constitutional rights without proper due process,” said Hinch. “Under HB687, a warrant can be signed for seizure of firearms based on a mere accusation. If that person was then deemed to not be a risk, and the order vacated, they would have to go to court in order to retrieve their property. That is flat out wrong, and will not fly on our watch. Not now…Not ever!”

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