House Republican Leader Reacts to Democrats Support of Minimum Wage Hike

DURHAM-House Republican Leader Dick Hinch issued the following statement after the House voted 198-124 to concur on HB731, relative to the state minimum hourly rate. 

“Apparently Democrats in Concord would rather check boxes on their progressive wish-list than assist New Hampshire’s economic recovery. Passing a 65% mandatory wage hike in these times is particularly burdensome and cruel,” said Hinch. “This bill would disproportionately affect our already struggling small businesses, and would no doubt cause a number to close their doors.”

“New Hampshire’s employers have proven they know what it takes when it comes to attracting, retaining, and compensating their employees properly. Rather than focusing on creating a climate where New Hampshire’s economy can fully recover, they would rather legislate how companies do business and endanger people’s livelihoods.”

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