House Republican Leader Responds to Fiscal Committee Denying $46 Million Federal Grant to Charter Schools

Concord- House Republican Leader Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to the Democrat controlled Fiscal Committee voting on party lines to not approve $46 million in federal funding that would directly benefit charter schools in New Hampshire. This comes after tabling the item last month.

“Declining $46 million in federal funding to benefit our charter schools is short-sighted, irresponsible, and damaging to our education system. Students do not learn in a one-size fits all environment and it’s extremely disappointing to see the Fiscal Committee denying New Hampshire children an opportunity for educational success.”

“Our state currently has 3,932 students enrolled in charter schools. Democrats will have you believe that there are 1,000 empty seats currently in charter schools. According to the Commissioner of the Department of Education, that is a flawed analysis. There are 1,000 students on waiting lists to enter charter schools, and some communities do not currently have access to charter schools. This federal grant would put NH on a pathway to open more charter schools to better serve students in those areas.”

“Fiscal Committee Democrats sent Commissioner Edelblut a list of over 50 questions to respond to regarding this federal grant and implied countless times that innovative learning is undermining the current education system. I applaud Commissioner Edelblut for not only giving detailed answers to their dog and pony show, but also the commissioner should be applauded for securing the largest grant in the country through this program that Democrats have now thwarted.”

“This action of throwing away a federal grant is disgusting and an absolute disgrace. Considering Democrats in the legislature have consistently asked for more funding for education, they should be embarrassed by their actions today. Their claims are hollow and this is nothing short of playing politics with thousands of children’s education opportunities and chances of success.”

2 thoughts on “House Republican Leader Responds to Fiscal Committee Denying $46 Million Federal Grant to Charter Schools”

  1. Beverly Stoughton

    They should be ashamed. I can’t believe politicians would play games with our kids! Not in this state. Democrats need some serious repentance. School choice is good for our kids, NEA.

  2. Give it back to federal govt or give to charter schools.
    The Dems are acting like their mascot – asses. Shameful. Taking the money but not using it for the purpose intended.

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