House Republican Leader Responds To Labor Committee Voting To Support An Income Tax

Concord, NH- House Republican Leader Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to the Labor Committee voting 12-6 to pass HB712-FN, relative to a family and medical leave insurance program.

“It’s unfortunate that House Democrats are using a de facto income tax to pay for their fatally flawed Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance Program. We’ve seen this story before, New Hampshire Democrats take control of the Legislature and begin to chip away at the New Hampshire Advantage. When will they learn that dog won’t hunt?” said Hinch. “And if imposing this 0.5% income tax in our state wasn’t bad enough, the sad reality is that not even the bill’s sponsors can guarantee that it will keep the program solvent. Why else would they give the Commissioner of DES the ability to increase the income tax and decrease benefits as they see fit?”

“I’ve spent my 10 years in the State House fighting any attempt at enacting a broad based tax in the State of New Hampshire. House Republicans will fight this attempt at pulling the wool over granite staters eyes every step of the way.”