House Republican Leader Responds to Democrats’ Anti-Gun Legislation

Concord, NH- House Republican Leader Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement relative to anti-gun owner, Democrat agenda bills having a public hearing today.

“New Hampshire is ranked as one of the safest states in America. The vast majority of gun owners in New Hampshire are honest, law abiding citizens. These bills are an unnecessary attempt to solve a problem that, quite frankly, doesn’t exist in our state and has the potential to make criminals out of responsible gun owners,” Hinch said.

“These bills are not necessary, are an excessive government overreach, and a severe restriction of 2nd Amendment rights. The provisions in these bills do nothing to alleviate the concerns of the proponents and just cause more red tape and are intrusive to the rights of law abiding citizens. I hope that the committees find these bills inexpedient to legislate.”