House Republican Leader Responds to Vote to Sustain HB1454

Durham, NH- House Republican Leader Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to the House vote of 193-140 to sustain Governor Sununu’s veto of HB1454, relative to alternative learning credit rules of the state board of education.

“As we have said countless times, education is not one size fits all for students, and Learn Everywhere enables parents to have more control of their children’s education. This is especially important today as many children in our state are learning, not in the classroom as usual, but remotely, where parents are experiencing their children’s education in ways they hadn’t before. However, it is clear that Democrats do not trust parents to act in the best interest of their children. Democrats have a lot to ‘Learn Everywhere’ within their radical agenda.”

“Innovation is a key to success in New Hampshire’s education system. The Learn Everywhere program creates new opportunities for learning outside of the classroom while maintaining local control over curriculums and graduation standards. HB1454 is a misguided bill and Republicans will continue to stand up for giving children more education opportunities.”

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