CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch issued a statement relative to the public hearing on amendment 2019-2820h to HB559, which has a public hearing at 1:00pm today, Tuesday, November 5th.

The amendment, sponsored by House Municipal & County Government Committee Chair Clyde Carson (D-Warner) requires businesses that distribute plastic and paper bags to customers at the checkout counter provide bags made only of recycled material, and that businesses must charge a fee of 10 cents per bag.

“I believe there are better ways to help consumers make informed decisions other than forcing stores to charge consumers ten cents per bag. This is nothing more than a heavy handed mandate to address a problem that state officials have disclosed does not exist. Many businesses already incentivize use of reusable bags by providing discounts to consumers who bring their own rather than penalizing people who don’t. It’s a slippery slope, and I can only worry that we will see a plastic bottle tax, a plastic straw tax, or a coffee cup fee next. We do not need a bag tax in New Hampshire. Republicans will oppose this every step of the way.”