House Republicans Question Democrats’ Mandatory Mask Order Request

House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement in response to a letter signed by Democrats members of the House to Governor Sununu demanding that he issue an emergency order requiring all citizens to wear face masks when in public.

“CDC and public health guidance we currently have in place are reasonable. New Hampshire citizens are being responsible in following them. Municipalities have the ability to take further steps if they feel it’s necessary. What Nashua believes is right for their community may not be right for Littleton or any other similar community, and we have to recognize that. It does not seem to be the New Hampshire Way to stop people on the street who choose not to wear a mask. It is unenforceable, and it will create more chaos. Business and individuals can currently make choices to avoid unnecessary contact with people, with or without masks, and to make this a government mandate goes too far.”

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