Prime Sponsor of Bill to Lower Dropout Age Challenges Governor to Debate

CONCORD – State Representative Jim Parison (R-New Ipswich) today issued a challenge to Governor John Lynch to debate the issue regarding who decides when students can withdraw from school.  Parison is the prime sponsor of HB 429, legislation gives parents the final say when students may withdraw at age 16 instead of the superintendent. After the bill passed the House Tuesday, Lynch issued a press release opposing HB 429, in which he asked, “Just what is our House of Representatives thinking?”

“HB 429 is about parents, not dropouts. This legislation does not change the so called “drop-out” age.  The bill simply returns to parents the prerogative to participate in an education decision.  If Governor Lynch has to question what the House is thinking in terms of ensuring parental involvement, he either doesn’t understand the issue or doesn’t value the hard work, commitment and concern of the mothers and fathers of New Hampshire,” said Rep. Parison.

“Given our clear differences on the roles of parents in the lives of their children, I believe it is critical to have a public discussion about these distinctions. For that reason, I challenge Governor Lynch to debate the issue of parents’ rights in education and who should decide when and how it is appropriate to withdraw from the traditional classroom.  This debate can be a school of the Governor’s choosing.  I look forward to hearing his response and bringing the public into this important examination of these issues,” Parison concluded.

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