Rep. Joe Sweeney Introduces Bill to Expand EFA Eligibility

Concord, NH – House Majority Floor Leader Joe Sweeney released the following statement after introducing HB 1561-FN to the House Education Committee, relative to qualifications for student eligibility in the education freedom accounts program:

“As a proud alumnus of New Hampshire’s public schools and the University of New Hampshire, I was proud to introduce House Bill 1561-FN earlier today, a critical piece of legislation designed to expand our wildly successful Education Freedom Accounts program.”

“Students deserve to feel safe and achieve success through their education, that is exactly what HB1561 aims to achieve. This bill resonates deeply with me, especially considering my personal journey of overcoming early speech challenges with the support of Salem public schools. HB 1561 stands as a beacon of inclusivity and personalized educational pathways, aiming to ensure that more children in New Hampshire, irrespective of their unique background or challenges, have access to an education system that best fits their individual needs.”

“By endorsing this bill, we reinforce our commitment to enriching our education system and investing in the diverse and promising futures of all Granite State students and families, making certain that no student is disadvantaged due to their specific circumstances.”