Representative Michael Vose Introduces the New Hampshire Energy Independence Act

House Science, Technology and Energy Chairman Michael Vose (R-Epping) released the following statement after he introduced HB1623, relative to the state energy policy, otherwise known as the “New Hampshire Energy Independence Act.”

“The New Hampshire Energy Independence Act would help ensure a prosperous future for our state by giving New Hampshire leverage to fight federal regulatory overreach and ensure the state’s energy policy promotes affordable, reliable, and technology-neutral energy for all ratepayers.”

“The electric grid is one of the greatest achievements in mankind’s history and was revolutionary in how it affected our lives. Given its importance, it is our mandate as legislators to protect the supply of electric power. This legislation ensures that the state will prioritize policies that are grounded in reality. Despite $7 trillion being spent on trying to replace fossil fuels, they still make up 80% of our energy supply. The unfortunate reality is the replacement technology has not come to fruition and getting rid of fossil fuels would have devastating consequences.”

“This bill would empower New Hampshire to fight the forced retirement of power plants due to federal regulatory overreach. We have seen countless examples of the federal government acting outside its congressionally delegated authority and issuing burdensome regulations that can have devastating consequences. Giving New Hampshire the ability to fight back is critical for protecting the long-term stability of our power supply.”