Rep. Ross Berry Responds to Passage of Bail Reform

Concord, NH- Rep. Ross Berry (R-Manchester) released the following statement after the New Hampshire House voted 199-134 to pass HB1476, relative to persons arrested while out on bail.

“I am thrilled that the House passed this very necessary bail reform bill today. Everyone agrees that something needs to be done to tighten current bail reform laws. This bill does just that. Property crime is up year over year in Manchester since bail reform passed, and police are worn down from having to arrest the same people over and over again, just to see them walk free a few hours later.” 

“Although well meaning, clearly the policy of catch-and-release has backfired. Those who are repeat offenders are often in need of mental health or addiction services. Where it is necessary, they are brought before a judge, not a bail commissioner. By passing this bill, they will now get that chance to begin that process sooner, and my community will have an opportunity for a solution. I look forward to presenting this bill to the Senate.”

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