Republican Leaders Comment on Bill to Repeal School Choice

CONCORD – House and Senate leaders today issued the following statement in reaction to House Bill 370, which seeks to repeal the New Hampshire School Choice bill.  To date, 250 children have applied for Education Opportunity Tax Credit Scholarships from The Network for Educational Opportunity.

House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)

“Choice in education should not only be available to the rich. No parent should be forced to send a child to a school that does not meet the child’s needs. The School Choice Bill we passed last year gives more options to students and parents, protects local property taxpayers and gives businesses the chance to ensure a strong workforce in the future. This legislation is good for New Hampshire’s future and will bring competition to our schools, which should improve their quality as well.  We need to protect choice in education, empower families and give this program a chance to succeed.”

Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford)

“We believe that parents, not zip-codes, should have priority in choosing the schools that best fit their child’s needs.  The scholarships to be offered under this program will improve educational outcomes for students across New Hampshire by allowing them to do just that.  The monies used to fund these scholarships are private donations, not public dollars, and will be used to level the playing field in education by giving lower and middle income students the same opportunities as those more well off.”