Statement by Republican House and Senate Members of the Joint Health Care Oversight Committee

Concord, NH – Joint Health Care Oversight Committee Co-Chair John Hunt (R-Rindge) and Senate members Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) and Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford), released the following statement today following the first meeting of the committee:

“The purpose of the Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee is to protect taxpayers and New Hampshire’s state rights as the federal government moves forward with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Today’s presentation by the Department of Insurance with regards to a state-federal partnership for the purpose of health care exchanges raised and left unanswered significant questions on both fronts.  Members of the committee, on a bipartisan basis, were left with very real concerns regarding the cost, regulatory burden, and long-term sustainability of this partnership.

“At our next meeting, we hope Governor Hassan and department leaders are able to provide a clearer understanding of the path forward, and its consequences.  Until that time, we would encourage the Governor to delay further correspondence with the federal government that would put New Hampshire on any particular path concerning the development of an exchange partnership.”