Republicans Protect Taxpayers from Paying for Gender Surgery for Children

House Deputy Majority Leader Jim Kofalt (R-Wilton) released the following statement after the House voted to pass HB1660-FN, relative to coverage of certain procedures for minor children under the state’s Medicaid program, on a vote of 193-169.

Earlier this year, a strong bipartisan majority spoke loud and clear by voting to protect minors from irreversible gender transition surgeries. HB 1660 clarifies this by ensuring that these permanent surgeries will not be covered for children in the taxpayer-funded Medicaid program.”

“The long-term consequences of these irreversible surgeries are still unknown. After repeated requests, healthcare providers testifying in front of our committee have yet to produce any scientific studies supporting the efficacy of these procedures on minors. This is yet another example of just how extreme House Democrats are when it comes to this issue. Asking our constituents to foot the bill for the controversial practice of permanently transitioning children is unconscionable.”