HB1465 Positions New Hampshire to Benefit from Revolutionary Advanced Nuclear Technology

Concord, NH – HB1465 prime sponsor Representative Keith Ammon (R-New Boston) released the following statement after the House voted ought to pass with amendment on HB1465, relative to studies of nuclear energy technologies by a voice vote.

“HB1465 underscores nuclear power’s role as a clean energy source and positions New Hampshire to harness its economic and environmental benefits. By fostering energy innovation, this legislation aims to enhance the state’s economy, workforce development, and clean energy production capabilities, ensuring a sustainable energy future.”

“Advanced nuclear reactors have the potential to revolutionize energy generation and the private sector has taken notice. Over 40 companies are working in this sector, employing around 14,000 people and reaching nearly $9 billion in economic activity. This includes a Westinghouse manufacturing facility in Newington and a startup headquartered in Manchester named StarCube.”

“This bill draws on the extensive research of the Commission to Investigate the Implementation of Next Generation Nuclear Reactor Technology and proposes common-sense updates to our outdated nuclear statutes. The hard work of the commission’s members was critical in crafting this bill. I want to thank my colleagues for passing this bicamerally bipartisan legislation that will revitalize New Hampshire’s approach to nuclear energy.”