Speaker Pro Tempore and HHS Chairman Comment on “No Patient Left Alone Act”

Speaker Pro Tempore Kimberly Rice (R-Hudson) and Chairman Mark Pearson (R-Hampstead) released the following statement after HB 1439, relative to hospitalization visitation policies, passed out of the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs committee on an 11-10 vote: 

Speaker Pro Tempore Kimberly Rice: 

“With strong support from the public, today’s passage of HB 1439 is a small victory for New Hampshire families and an important move in the right direction. I want to thank the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs committee for doing their due diligence and finding the right balance between patient comfort and workability for healthcare providers when needed.” 

“As an unintended consequence during the height of the pandemic, many elderly patients did not have someone with them in their final moments. This bill, if passed, would support NH families, and give them the ability to be with their loved ones. Human touch is an important part in all phases of life, and this bill supports that and ensures nobody is left alone.” 

Chairman Mark Pearson:

“I thank Speaker Pro Tempore Rice for bringing this important legislation forward and shining a light on this issue. The Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs committee heard a significant amount of testimony recounting stories of loved ones receiving treatment for life-threatening illnesses without the comfort of a family member by their side.”

“It is imperative that we do everything in our power to ensure that an individual does not face these difficult times alone. HB1439 balances the needs of patients while providing hospitals the flexibility to protect their patients in the most extreme circumstances. I look forward to the passage of this legislation by the full House and remain committed to working on this issue further.” 

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