House Majority Floor Leader Outraged by DNC’s Dismissal of the New Hampshire Primary

Concord, NH – House Majority Floor Leader Joe Sweeney (R-Salem) released the following statement after submitting a letter to Attorney General John Formella concerning the recent voter intimidation and suppression message sent by the DNC to New Hampshire voters.

“I find it deeply concerning that the Democratic National Committee has dismissed our state’s primary as ‘meaningless’ and ‘detrimental’ in a recent communication intended for New Hampshire voters to read in a gross act of electioneering. I’m proud that over 70 House Republicans share these concerns, and we’ve jointly co-signed a letter to the Attorney General requesting a thorough review of this matter. We believe the DNC’s actions may potentially violate New Hampshire law, specifically regarding voter suppression and intimidation. This isn’t just a matter of policy; it’s a matter of upholding the very foundations of our Republic. New Hampshire takes our First in the Nation status seriously, and we won’t stand idly by while anyone attempts to diminish the significance of our electoral process.”
“We’ve documented instances within the DNC’s communication that we believe warrant scrutiny and public attention. Our state deserves the respect it has earned through its long-standing tradition of civic engagement. We’ll continue to fight to ensure that the voices of our citizens are heard and that our electoral integrity remains intact.”
“We expect a fair and thorough investigation from the Attorney General’s office, and we’ll keep the public informed as this matter progresses.”