House Republicans Decry Passage of Bill That Could Lead to Unwarranted Gun Confiscation

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement upon the approval by the House of Representatives of HB687, relative to extreme risk protection orders. The bill passed by a vote of 201-176. 100% of Republican members opposed it’s passage.

“Not only does this bill set an extremely dangerous precedent, but it is also another tool to strip away guns from law abiding citizens. HB687 makes the situation ripe for false accusations and blatant abuse of the law by suspending second amendment rights without adequate due process,” Hinch said. “Under this bill, a mere accusation can cause a warrant to be signed for the seizure of firearms. Then if the person was deemed not a risk, and the order vacated, they would have to go to court in order to get their property back. That’s an egregious infringement on a basic right.  If this bill was really meant to help those at risk of harming themselves, it should go on to include knives, prescription drugs, and so on.”

5 thoughts on “House Republicans Decry Passage of Bill That Could Lead to Unwarranted Gun Confiscation”

  1. This is UNAMERICAN. People who own guns responsibly are not the problem. The criminals are. Hunting rifles taken, really? As something as stupid as just a complaint from someone who just may not like you… then a process to get your property back. I call Bullshit! People need to demand their rights be honored.

  2. This is called’Panic’ I think. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and haven’t owned a weapon in over 50 years. This ‘Panic’ Political Policy voting by either Party sends Fairly normal people like myself out to purchase a fire are with lessons on how to care for and use because Reps of My State have Lost control Of senses. Over ridden by fear and failing to understand that simple phrase.. “ Guns don’t kill People do” ..these 27 + are idiots.. Party makes little difference

  3. What part of “ shall not be infringed “ don’t you dems understand?!🤬 we have these rights from God! You and no one on this earth has the right to take my protections from me. I will never comply! This is how many countries around the globe perished , Stalin, Hitler all the historical socialist fascists had took the weapons of the citizens before systematically destroying them! So NO I will never just hand over my only means of protection! God help you if you try to confiscate good law abiding citizens of this great country.

  4. Thank you for your unity on fighting this deeply flawed bill. As with all things democrat they do not take no for an answer and will continue to try until they are voted out.

    I did not like the fact that 8 republicans were excused from voting and another was not voting. I especially do not agree with the not voting. If you cannot make up your mind where you stand then resign and let a real representative take the job.

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