House Republicans Oppose Democrat Proposed Ski Tax

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch issued a statement on Monday declaring Republican opposition to legislative service request 2020-2578, a proposal that would include ski area ticket sales under the meals and rooms tax.

LSR 2020-2578, whose text is currently not available*, is sponsored by Rep. Craig Thompson (D-Harrisville), and co-sponsored by Rep. Lee Oxenham (D-Plainfield ), Jennie Gomarlo (D-Swanzey), Joe Schapiro (D- Keene), Michelle St. John (D-Hollis), Matthew Wilhelm (D-Manchester).

“Just as the snow guns are firing up on our state’s ski mountains, Democrats are launching this effort to tax one of our state’s most important industries. There has never been a tax on skiing, and this is an unprecedented attempt to single out an industry,” Hinch said. “It will be a cold, snowy day in hell before we let Democrats pass a ski tax. In fact, I believe hell will freeze over first. This is an unnecessary and egregious tax proposal that will only serve to drive tourists away from New Hampshire, and make skiing more expensive for our own residents.”

“Skiing, snowboarding and related snow sports bring in tens of millions of dollars to the New Hampshire economy each year. The industry supports hundreds of jobs and makes New Hampshire a winter destination for snow sport enthusiasts from around New England, and the Northeast United States,” Hinch included. “Next thing you know, they will propose a tax on hiking or a leaf-peeping tax.”

*Text of legislative service requests are not yet available. LSRs are the preliminary stages of proposed legislation, which are later issued a bill number.

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