David Hess Named Hooksett Citizen of the Year

David Hess will add one more title to his resume on April 23, which already includes federal military judge, Air Force veteran, legal counsel for the town of Hooksett, school district moderator, conservation advocate, Budget Committee member, state representative, and Assistant Attorney General for the state of New Hampshire. His hometown will honor him with its Citizen of the Year designation.

Op-Ed: Those eligible for help will still be served

In the recently passed House budget, there is absolutely no need to reduce the psychiatric services provided to New Hampshire’s mental health beneficiaries eligible for state services.

Currently, the state provides 80 percent of the revenue needed to operate 10 community mental health centers, yet only 39 percent of their patients are state eligible for services.

The reductions in mental health services contained in the budget passed by the New Hampshire House are an attempt to ensure that state payments to the community mental health centers are used for only services rendered to those eligible for state care, not to subsidize care for those not eligible for state services.

House GOP delivering on promises of affordable, effective government

When Republicans took control of the state legislature back in January, we made clear that our goal was to bring transformative change to state government to make it live within its means and to provide a sustainable government that encouraged economic growth.

To date, the House has delivered on its word of transforming government. While we still need to work with the Senate to bring this change to the citizens, we have certainly passed a number of bills that have been historic.

Op-Ed: Legislators successfully pass pro-business bills

While some will say that the House has been distracted from time to time this session, there is a group of legislators who are in fact highly focused on creating jobs and building the New Hampshire economy. This bi-partisan group, called the NH House Business Coalition, meets weekly to evaluate and make recommendation to the entire body on bills that directly impact the business community.

Prime Sponsor of Bill to Lower Dropout Age Challenges Governor to Debate

CONCORD – State Representative Jim Parison (R-New Ipswich) today issued a challenge to Governor John Lynch to debate the issue regarding who decides when students can withdraw from school.  Parison is the prime sponsor of HB 429, legislation gives parents the final say when students may withdraw at age 16 instead of the superintendent. After …

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House Republican Leadership’s amendment to CACR 12 (educational funding)

To add a new Part II, Article 5-C to the New Hampshire Constitution, as follows: In fulfillment of its duties the provisions with respect to education as set forth in Part II, Article 83, the general court shall have the authority, responsibility and full discretion to define reasonable standards for elementary and secondary public education, …

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Wall Street Journal: How to Live Freer in New Hampshire

With all eyes on Wisconsin this past week, overlooked has been the conservative policy changes that are moving ahead in New Hampshire. In recent days the New Hampshire House, where the GOP controls nearly three-quarters of the 400 seats, passed a bill to repeal the state cap-and-trade law that imposes a tax on energy use and a bill to make New Hampshire a right-to-work state.