Chairman Vose Comments on Signing of HB 315 and SB 91

DERRY, NH- Representative Michael Vose (R-Epping), Chairman of the Science, Technology and Energy committee, commented today on the Governor’s signing of two energy bills. HB relative to the aggregation of electric customers and municipal host customer generators serving political subdivisions and SB91, adopting omnibus legislation on renewable energy and utilities.

“These bills show that you can move forward with energy innovation without taking undue risks or driving up the cost of electricity. HB315 will allow counties, towns, and groups to gather together to purchase electricity from a variety of sources, not just their local utility. It further provides a way for these community aggregations to manage power in a way that might not be suitable or cost effective for the wider grid.

“As amended by the Senate, this bill also creates a new way for municipalities to share the output of a renewable energy system with any town-owned property and receive above-market-rate credits for that power via net metering. This municipal group hosting can save taxpayers money. And with additional protections provided in SB91, cost shifting to other utility customers will be minimized.

“Together, these bills provide a strong new framework on which to build the energy systems we’ll need in the future.”

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