Rep. Erica Layon: New Hampshire chooses liberty

THE NEW HAMPSHIRE Republican platform represents the values that my husband and I work hard every day to present to our three boys, both in words and action. I want to instill in my curious, thoughtful sons that fighting for what is right and standing up for those who can’t are the very essence to being human.

Not only are these the very essence of being human, but they are also the very things that can bring about change and give them the confidence to forge their own futures.

New Hampshire House Democrats say the school choice program is a threat to public education yet say nothing about students. What they also don’t say is that the school choice program levels the playing fields for children who otherwise would not have those opportunities. This program empowers families and forces the unions out of their comfort zone. Democrats talk about saving the system. Republicans talk about saving our children’s education.

House Democrats talk about how New Hampshire Republicans don’t care about life. The 24-week abortion ban proves this is a lie. In the words of our friends across the aisle, “if you follow the science” then babies born as early as 22 weeks can live and thrive. Not every child born that early — or at all — is guaranteed a healthy life, but if a woman’s health means the pregnancy must end that baby now will be delivered by C-section and given a chance at life rather than killed outright. Democrats talk about destroying life, Republicans are for preserving it.

It is my belief that individual freedom comes with informed choices that balance benefit and risk. Choices, that Democrats want to take away. As a medical device analyst, I evaluated clinical evidence, talked with leading doctors and researchers, and sat in on FDA approvals. By giving the FDA the job of deciding what is safe, we have missed the mark. According to a Yale study, a third of drugs approved from 2001 to 2010 had major safety risks after approval that required black-box warnings. And life-changing therapies were denied because the FDA — not the patient — decided how much risk was okay.

Republicans spoke out against the federal overreach of President Joe Biden’s door-to-door vaccination campaign, citing that our citizens are smart enough to make their own healthcare choices. Anyone who wants a vaccine can choose to, and the resources have been made available to them. Those who view the risk as too high or currently unknown are supported by science and should be supported by Republicans. Democrats are working hard at taking away your freedom of choice, Republicans are working hard to protect it.

I want my sons to live in a world where they understand that the biggest minority is the individual and that every day Democrats are working hard to minimize the individual and meld them into a collective society. A society that does not respect you, your own choices, or your own property.

In New Hampshire, it has always been the individual who stood up for what is right and led the way to liberty. General John Stark would agree. “Live Free or Die: Death is not the worst of evils” is a resolve to preserve our freedoms even in the face of lethal threats, and I’m proud Republicans voted to cherish our motto.

Finally, Democrats are working overtime to pit neighbor against neighbor by pushing a victim mentality that some people are less capable than others based on their race. My boys know that breaking the quarterback’s arm doesn’t make the team more equal, it hurts the whole team. The Democrat’s worship of victimhood only does harm to the very people they claim to protect. I don’t want my sons living in a world where it is taught that one race is inherently racist.

Pointing fingers and casting blame is not the answer nor should it be the discussion. The discussion should always be about inclusion and being a kind, generous human who respects life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. That’s what the Republican budget stands for, and that’s what we should all be fighting for — liberty, so that we might pass it on to the next generation.

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