Criminal Justice Committee Chairman Praises Passage of Legislation Protecting Healthcare Workers

CONCORD, NH – House Criminal Justice Committee Chairman Terry Roy (R-Deerfield) released the following statement after the House passed SB58, relative to arrests without a warrant while in the care of a medical professional on the premises of a residential care or health care facility, on a voice vote.

“I am proud that we took steps to ensure the safety of our healthcare workers with the passage of an amended version of SB58. Currently in New Hampshire, due to Federal Law, medical personnel must treat anyone who comes in seeking emergency care, regardless of how abusive they may be. A medical professional who is threatened or assaulted can call the police but because the act of violence did not occur in their presence, law enforcement can not arrest the person.”

“This bipartisan piece of legislation was refined by the House to provide for our healthcare workers in the way that they deserve. Once signed into law, police will be able to arrest anyone who interrupts medical care through threats of, or actual violence, and remove them from the premises once their immediately necessary care is completed. These were our heroes during the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s time we start repaying that debt.” 

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