House Majority Leader Responds to Democrat Fear Mongering

Concord, NH- House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement after House and Senate Democrats held a press conference to, once again, falsely lead Granite Staters to believe they cannot receive an abortion in New Hampshire. 

“Today Democrats in the House and the Senate once again made the argument that we must ‘codify Roe v Wade’ into New Hampshire law. We should not be in the business of codifying laws just to make Democrats feel more included. They had the opportunity to participate in the codification of our 24 weeks of abortion choice. What the Democrats are trying to do is akin to putting an extra period at the end of a sentence.”

“This notion that we must change our laws or issue an Executive Order to protect what is already legal is nonsensical. Citizens should never have to seek permission from the government to access already legal medical procedures. If we are going to start down that road, I will expect to see bills filed next term to allow giving birth, obtaining a knee replacement, or having a cavity filled.”

“Democrats are attempting to distract from their own extremism by creating a new legal standard where the government must explicitly say something is legal in order for it to happen. The reality is that virtually every NH House Democrat voted this year to allow abortion up until the moment of birth for any reason, a position less than 30% of Granite Staters hold.”

“According to polling, over two-thirds of Granite Staters support some type of restriction on abortion. I am sorry that two years ago Democrats did not work with Republican leadership in crafting the long sought-after law representing the majority opinion in our state. Maybe next time they will work with us instead of obstructing the will of the voters.”

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