Democrat Proposals Seek to Exacerbate Housing Crisis

Concord, NH – Chairman of the Special Committee on Housing, and Judiciary Committee member, Rep. Joe Alexander (R-Goffstown) released the following statement in response to the barrage of landlord regulation bills being heard in the Judiciary Committee this week.

“Everyone knows the housing crisis in New Hampshire is the result of a supply issue. Until we increase the supply of housing available in the state, we will not see any relief. The slew of bills we have seen this week attempt to solve the issue by increasing regulations on landlords.”

“It is completely illogical to institute laws such as not allowing newly renovated apartments to be put back on the market for a year, effectively leaving usable housing unoccupied. Encumbering landlords with increased regulations will only exacerbate the issue. We look forward to finding real solutions to a real problem without entertaining unreasonable proposals.”

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