House Democrats Want to Raise Electric Costs by $40 Million

CONCORD, NH – House Science, Technology and Energy Committee Chairman Michael Vose (R-Epping) released the following statement after the committee heard HB418, relative to eliminating the rebates distributed by the energy efficiency fund.

“With already sky-high electric costs, saddling Granite Staters with an additional $40 million on their electric bills would be completely irresponsible,” said Rep. Vose. “It is not just electricity. We have also seen dramatic increases in the cost of food, heating fuel, and even gasoline. Proposing yet another increase in electric bills shows that Democrats are completely out-of-touch with the realities facing Granite Staters.”

“When confronted with questions about the cost to ratepayers, the prime sponsor of the legislation had the gall to say that the money ‘does not belong to the ratepayer.’ I am sure every ratepayer looking at their bill would beg to differ. This is another example of House Democrats showing they cannot be trusted with New Hampshire’s energy policy. We strongly oppose this legislation and will fight to lower electric rates for Granite Staters.”

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