House Democrats Block Voters from Weighing in on Gun Control Measures

Bedford, NH- Representative Terry Roy (R-Deerfield) released the following statement after President Joe Biden issued several executive orders restricting 2nd amendment rights and House Democrats blocked CACR8 which would have given Granite Staters the opportunity to weigh in on new gun control measures.

“The day after New Hampshire Democrats in the House suppressed the vote, refusing to allow the citizens the opportunity to weigh in on stopping new gun control measures in New Hampshire and protecting them from Washington D.C. overreach, the Biden administration did just what we feared. Today, by executive fiat, Mr. Biden directed the ATF to take steps to make some of the most popular and common firearms in the Country illegal as well as moving on so called “Red Flag” laws. Part of the justification given for outlawing pistol braces was that they make pistols more accurate. It’s against just these types of ludicrous, uninformed decisions that CACR8 would have protected New Hampshire citizens. In New Hampshire we prefer our firearms to be accurate but we are funny that way.”

“It’s unfortunate that House Democrats fear the voice of the people of New Hampshire. If they took the time to listen to them as much as they listen to their National Party leaders they might actually understand what being a citizen of New Hampshire is all about; freedom, independence, and self-governance.”

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