House Republicans Pass Common Sense Election Integrity Bills

Bedford, NH- Assistant Majority Whip Maureen Mooney (R-Merrimack) released the following statement after the House passed a series of bills strengthening New Hampshire’s election integrity and transparency: 

“House Republicans are continuing to lead in the effort to ensure New Hampshire maintains its reputation for clean and fair elections by promoting transparency and integrity in our process,” said Mooney. “Americans’ confidence in our elections is at an all time low, but the passage of these bills is a small, but important step to restoring faith in the outcomes at the ballot box. It’s unfortunate that even common sense steps like ensuring removal of deceased individuals from the voter checklist and enhancing absentee ballot verification run into such staunch opposition. Despite our efforts to fight this ongoing issue, House Democrats will oppose even the most simple measures to make sure every ballot is cast by an eligible voter.”



HB285 – relative to verification of voter checklists.

HB291 – relative to public inspection of absentee ballot lists.

HB292 – relative to the absentee ballot application process.
HB523 – requiring a person who registers to vote without any identification to have his or her photo taken before his or her registration to vote is complete.

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