House Democrats Limit Debate on Medicaid Expansion Improvements

Concord, NH- House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) and Deputy Majority Leader Jim Kofalt (R-Wilton) released the following statement after House Democrats voted to limit debate on amendments to SB263, extending the New Hampshire granite advantage health care program and reestablishing the commission to evaluate effectiveness and future of the New Hampshire granite advantage health care program.

Rep. Jason Osborne (R-Auburn):

“House Republicans put forward a number of amendments today in order to make the New Hampshire Granite Advantage Health Care Program a better program. Unfortunately House Democrats did not want to listen to all the ways this program is flawed and our ideas to improve it. Instead they moved to limit debate, treading roughshod on the historic traditions of this once august body, and betrayed our historic bipartisan budget compromise that previously passed on a voice vote.”

Rep. Jim Kofalt (R-Wilton):

“We already passed Medicaid Expansion with a sunset provision, and Medicaid spending has grown to over one third of our state’s budget, and continues to grow as a percentage of our state budget. A program this big, this complex, and this expensive deserves a periodic review and reauthorization by the people’s elected representatives.”

“Limiting debate on this bill and amendments runs counter to the traditions of this body and the sense of openness and transparency that we strive for.”

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