House Deputy Majority Leader Responds to Passage of HB1673

Concord, NH- House Deputy Majority Leader Fred Doucette (R-Salem) released the following statement after the House passed HB 1673, relative to women’s health privacy and repealing the fetal health protection act with amendment 0688h. 

“Last year the New Hampshire House passed a law that would bring us in line with many red and blue states across the nation. There was nothing extreme about what we passed, and most Granite Staters are not in favor of unrestricted access to abortion. The fetal health protection act was common sense.”

“Today the House passed an amendment to simply clarify the law and reiterate the limited circumstances where an ultrasound would be required. No matter what side of the issue you are on, prohibiting abortions in the seventh month is something that everyone should be on board with. I applaud the House for overturning the committee report, and passing a bill that holds on to our basic values as a society, on a unanimous bipartisan vote.”

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