House Majority Leader Comments on Passage of Budget Bills

Bedford, NH- NH House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement in response to the passage of HB1 and HB2, the state budget bills.

“With over $170 million in tax cuts across the board, this budget is a major win for every single taxpayer in this state. Every single House member can proudly go back to their constituents and tell them they delivered on their campaign promises. We cut taxes, we reigned in the Democrats’ bloated spending from the last term, we provided property tax relief, we increased education choice, we provided much needed reform to the governor’s emergency powers, and we prohibited the teaching of false ideas that certain individuals are inherently racist due to the color of their skin.” 

“I am extremely proud of the work legislators on the Finance Committee and the Committee of Conference were able to accomplish. It is a high achievement to come out of a pandemic that caused so many to unnecessarily struggle, and craft spending bills that fund all of the state’s critical programs, but also help Granite Staters keep some of their hard earned money in their pocket where it belongs. The budget we passed today will only strengthen New Hampshire’s economy, increase freedoms, and keep New Hampshire on track. I look forward to continuing to build on our significant progress in the next session year.”

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