House Republicans Applaud Signing of State Budget Into Law

Concord, NH: Speaker Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry) and Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement after Governor Sununu Signed HB 1 and HB 2 into law:

Speaker Sherman Packard:

“Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed an historic budget that is balanced and fiscally responsible. Today, Governor Sununu signed this transformational budget package into law. Republicans delivered on tax cuts, reduced spending, education freedom, much needed mental health services and more without raising taxes or increasing spending. This is one of the most comprehensive budgets we have seen in years, and it will be the strong foundation needed to help get New Hampshire families and Main Street businesses back on their feet and thriving.” 

Majority Leader Jason Osborne: 

“When the people of New Hampshire put Republicans back in the Majority in 2020 it’s because we promised to cut taxes, reign in the Democrats’ bloated spending, and preserve the New Hampshire Advantage”, said Osborne. “This transformational budget delivered a $170 million total cut from every tax on the books while still funding our state’s needs. We empowered families to find the best fit for their child’s educational needs, passed some needed reform to the governor’s emergency powers, and put an end to teaching the unfounded idea that an individual is inherently racist simply due to the color of their skin. We delivered a $100 million statewide property tax cut, giving our residents direct relief. Our constituents demanded results on these issues, and House Republicans united to make sure we delivered. Granite Staters will be reaping the rewards of this transformational symphony of reforms for years to come and I look forward to building on our success next year.”

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