House Majority Whip Responds to Democrats’ Protest of Mileage Cuts

House Majority Whip Peter Silva (r-Nashua) today called upon House Democrats to, “Stand with Republican lawmakers who are willing to share the pain with the taxpayers of New Hampshire,” by  agreeing to cut  back on mileage reimbursements during the month of August.

“It is ironic that the self styled ‘party of the people’ is not willing to stand with the people  when  it comes to feeling the pain of budget cuts,” said Silva.   ” I also find it a bit hypocritical when you consider  the fact that these very same Democrats, under the leadership of Terie Norelli,  passed more than 100 taxes and fees on to the citizens of this state, while increasing spending by 25 percent,   but  are unwilling to take a cut in their  own  mileage payments .    While  Democrats  seem oblivious to the fact that their constituents are feeling the pain of budget cuts everyday, all  they can worry about is getting  their precious  mileage checks.   I also find it ironic that many of these same Democrats who are  ‘ outraged ‘ today,  remained silent in 2010 when Speaker Norelli cut in-state travel back by 35 percent during  August.  Where was their  outrage then? It is time for the Democrats to quit whining about their mileage payments and realize that we all need to stand with the people in sharing the pain.”

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