House Republicans React to Governor’s Gun Confiscation Tour

CONCORD – House Speaker Pro Tempore Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett), Deputy House Speaker Pamela Tucker (R-Greenland) and Rep. Jennifer Coffey (R-Andover) today released the following reaction to the Governor’s tour across the state lobbying against a self defense bill (SB 88).

House Speaker Pro Tempore Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)

“I am of the strong belief that law abiding New Hampshire citizens should have a right to defend themselves anywhere they are legally allowed to be. The Governor’s lobbying tour against crime is especially disingenuous since he championed SB 500 last year, which allowed the release of hundreds of convicted sex offenders and violent criminals onto the streets of New Hampshire. I am a strong admirer of the law enforcement community in this state but I do believe some of them are on the wrong side of this issue. No one should have to make the choice between defense and trying to escape from harm’s way.”

Deputy House Speaker Pamela Tucker (R-Greenland):

“While deadly force should never be used lightly, I do believe New Hampshire citizens have the right to defend themselves when they are threatened.”

Rep. Jennifer Coffey (R-Andover):

“The citizens of New Hampshire deserve the same rights that the Governor, Manchester Police Chief David Mara, and Hampton Police Chief James Sullivan are afforded. Both the police chiefs travel with loaded guns and the Governor with a personal bodyguard. Common sense indicates they would use those tools to protect themselves in the event their lives were threatened. Self-defense is an unalienable right for all people not just high elected officials and law enforcement—Granite Staters’ lives are equally as valuable and precious as the Governor’s. Self a defense is a basic human right.”

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