Open Letter to Republican Caucus

Dear Speaker O’Brien:

As the first half of this session of the Legislature draws to a close I want to extend my hearty congratulations on a phenomenally successful session.  Last November the voters of New Hampshire sent a clear message that they were unhappy with the direction of our state and our country.  They gave us a chance to right the ship of state by electing a super-majority of conservative thinking Republicans to both houses of the Legislature.  You have done a superb job of sticking to the promises made during your campaigns and passing some outstanding legislation.  I am overwhelmed with pride at what you have been able to accomplish.Under the capable leadership of Speaker O’Brien you were able to craft a budget that not only holds the line on spending but actually courageously rolls back the spending to 2008 levels.  Governor Lynch had no choice but to allow this budget to pass without his signature.  To increase spending and the size of government in these lean economic times where people are decreasing their household expenses just to stay afloat would be unacceptable to our citizens.

Another issue close to my own heart and interests since the law protecting not only our minor daughters from sexual abuse and the right of the family, and not government, to counsel their children during a difficult time in their lives; the passage and subsequent override of the Governor’s veto of parental notification returns sanity and common sense to this issue.  This reasonable measure resonates positively with the vast majority of the public who were appalled when New Hampshire became the first state to ever repeal such a law under the Democrats rule.

Having served in the House myself, I fully understand the demands this service places on you financially, emotionally, and especially in time away from your jobs, home, and families.  It has been my role over the last several years to travel the state and at every opportunity express my gratitude and thanks for your dedication and sacrifice and that of your family and activists and supporters.   I want to express my appreciation for your service on behalf of the State GOP Committee and the Republican National Committee.  Many people do not fully realize or understand the treasure we have here with our volunteer Legislature and how our state benefits from your hours of tireless work on our behalf.

For my part there are no words to adequately express how much I value the honor it is to represent you on the national level.  It has truly been a privilege to represent the freest state in the freest country in the world on the RNC.


With sincere thanks,

Phyllis Woods

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