Law Commemorating 9/11 to Take Effect in 2011

Hudson Representatives Guided the Legislation Through the New Hampshire House

Hudson–This September 11 will mark the tenth anniversary of terrorist attacks against the United States that took the lives of nearly 3,000 Americans and forever changed the way we travel.  Thanks to a group of legislators from the Town of  Hudson, the date will forever be remembered here in the State of New Hampshire.  During the last session, Hudson Representative Andy Renzullo, along with co-sponsors Jordan Ulery and  Robert Haefner, sponsored legislation that will  permanently commemorate the date in history.

“During a conversation with then-Selectman Ken Massey during a previous 9/11 ceremony, I learned that Hudson was the only town in New Hampshire remembering September 11th and the people who gave their lives on that day,” recalled  Renzullo.  “I did some research and discovered that New Hampshire had nothing in statute to commemorate September 11.  That’s when I filed the legislation.”The bill (HB 56) was passed on a voice vote in both the House and Senate and was then signed into New Hampshire Law,  Chapter 0061 of the laws of 2011- AN ACT relative to proper observance of September 11, 2001.  The law added the following section to RSA Chapter 4:

·        4:13-p Proper Observance ofSeptember 11, 2001. The governor shall annually issue a proclamation calling for a proper observance of September 11 in honor and remembrance of the people who lost their lives onSeptember 11, 2001. The proclamation issued by the governor shall call on the people of New Hampshire to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies, including, but not limited to, the requirements of section 144 of Public Law 107-89.

“It is important that the people of New Hampshire never forget how our lives were changed forever on that September morning ten years ago,” concluded Renzullo.


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