Mont Vernon Representative Calls for Buckley Resignation

The following statement was issued this afternoon by Representative Frank Holden (Hillsborough, District 4) who represents the towns of Mont Vernon, Lyndeborough, New Boston, Temple and Wilton.  It was issued in response to news that the New Hampshire Democratic Party had agreed to pay a $5,000 penalty to the state’s Department of Justice for illegal calls made for the Democratic Party by its Chairman, Ray Buckley, against O’Brien the day before last September’s primary election.  The agreement for the penalty was signed by Democratic National Committee woman, and former Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan.

“I am absolutely appalled that the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party would engage in such disgusting and illegal behavior to mislead voters in my district. Governor Lynch should immediately condemn the behavior of his party’s chairman, call for his resignation and direct the attorney general to investigate all campaign calls make by the New Hampshire Democratic Party during the 2010 election. Failure to do so undermines the public’s faith in our state’s election laws and would show his support for illegal campaign activities while going against his own Attorney General.”

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