House Republican Leader Praises Veto SMART Act

Concord, NH- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) released the following statement in response to Governor Sununu’s veto of SB 7, establishing the secure modern accurate registration act (SMART Act). 

“Let’s be completely clear, there is absolutely nothing smart about the SMART Act. SB 7 attempts to create something that New Hampshire opted not to do years ago. The costs of implementing this bill could be roughly $7 million between now and 2023 and would only mean even longer wait times at the DMV to do something that is already being done at town and city clerks offices around the state. SB 7 only serves to create more bureaucracy in registering voters when the right to vote should be as close to the people as possible.”

“New Hampshire has one of the highest rates of voter registration in the entire country. This is just another example of radical Democrats attempting to change our state into states like Massachusetts when in reality those states should try to be more like New Hampshire. This bill is trying to solve a problem that, quite frankly, does not exist. Not a smart move. I applaud Governor Sununu’s veto of this expensive and unnecessary legislation.”

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