House Republican Leader Reacts to Democrat Vote Against Prevention of Business Tax Increase

DURHAM – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued the following statement after the House voted to not allow late drafting and introduction of legislation that would prevent a 12.5% tax increase on New Hampshire’s businesses. The motion to suspend rules failed 154-174. 

“By rejecting this simple modification to our tax law, Democrats are saying that they are OK with increased taxes on our struggling small businesses during a global pandemic and economic recovery.”

“This is not a dramatic change in policy. The time is now to act on this urgent need for our businesses to know their taxes will not go up and they can get our citizens back to work. Piling tax increases on top of a difficult recovery will drag out our recovery even longer.”

“Democrats have stated they’d rather ask businesses to ‘wait and see’ if the legislature does something in 7 months. That doesn’t make sense. The January 1 rate hike is affecting their decision making now, this year. 7 months of uncertainty is not what we were elected to deliver, but that’s what Democrats voted for today.”

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