House Republicans Concerned Over Bill Permitting Restrictions of Consumer and Business Choice

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement upon the approval by the House of Representatives of HB102, relative to municipal ordinances regarding the use of plastics. The bill passed by a vote of 215-151.

“Did Democrats not learn just a few months ago that this dog won’t hunt? By passing this bill and others like it, they are continuing their assault on businesses and consumers in New Hampshire. Bags are not the enemy, nanny-state regulations like these are. Allowing towns to essentially ban plastic and paper bags opens the door to so much more government overreach. Next thing you know you’ll have to bring your own coffee mug to Dunkin in the morning in some towns,” Hinch said.

“Small businesses turned out in droves to oppose this bill and others dealing with taking choices away from them and consumers. Sure, this may look like enabling legislation, but it can potentially disable a business’s ability to make decisions that best suit them and their consumers. What happened to personal responsibility? If consumers don’t want to use these bags, there are already plenty of alternatives they can use without increasing the cost burden on small businesses.”

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