House Republicans Hold People to Their Word

CONCORD, NH – House Children and Family Law Committee Chairman Mark Pearson (R-Hampstead) and State Representative James Spillane (R-Deerfield), sponsor of HB1111-FN, released the following statement after the passage of HB1111-FN, relative to the penalty for false reports of suspected abuse and neglect made to the division of children, youth, and families, on a bipartisan vote of 199-179.

Chairman Mark Pearson (R-Hampstead)

“It is heinous that anyone can file knowingly false accusations without facing any consequences, especially if they display a repeated pattern of malicious behavior. This bill ensures that we hold people accountable to their word. It also holds professionally mandated reporters to the high standards that we expect from them by penalizing a failure to report situations where they are required to speak up. Families should never have to pay the price for people who attempt to cause undue chaos.”

State Representative James Spillane (R-Deerfield)

“The bill will decrease the weaponization of children against parents who make false reports to DCYF with intent to cause harm. Similar to pulling a fire alarm in non-emergencies or making a false police report, filing knowingly false reports to DCYF causes the same sense of panic due to the negligence and malicious intent of the perpetrator. This bill allows us to put consciously false accusations reported to DCYF on the same standard as those other offenses. As the prime sponsor of this legislation, I thank my colleagues for passing this critical measure.”