House Republicans Lead the Effort to Protect Electric Ratepayers

Manchester, NH – Representative Michael Vose (R-Epping) Chairman of the House Science, Technology and Energy committee released the following statement after the House passed HB549, relative to the energy efficiency resource standard and the system benefits charge by an overwhelming vote of 343-0.

“Today’s vote on HB549 sends a clear message that House Republicans will lead the effort to protect New Hampshire ratepayers. This bill puts guardrails in place that give peace of mind to fixed and low-income households that are being devastated by the inflation caused by Senator Maggie Hassan and President Joe Biden,” said Vose. “Recent filings to the PUC would have caused the Systems Benefits Charge to double. This bill prevents that by striking a balance between investing in energy efficiency and protecting ratepayers from unsustainable increases to their electric bills.”

“As legislators, we answer to our constituents. If they are unhappy with our job performance, there is an opportunity to kick us out every two years. This bill gives Granite Staters more control by restoring legislative authority over defacto electricity taxes. Changes to the System Benefits Charge affect low-income ratepayers the most and HB549 strengthens their ability to fight on their own behalf.”

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