Joint Statement from Republican House Leadership

House Speaker Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry) and Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) respond to the Supreme Court ruling that blocked enforcement of the Federal Government’s vaccine mandate on large businesses:

Speaker Sherman Packard:

“Today’s decision to block the federal government’s mandate is great news for the people of New Hampshire. This eliminates unnecessary oversight and gives the choice back to private businesses on how to manage their own daily operations. Our economy is better for this, and our workforce remains intact. We have the resources available to those wanting to get the vaccine to do so, and we trust our citizens to make their own informed, medical decision.”

Majority Leader Jason Osborne:

“The Supreme Court confirmed what we already knew: the Biden vaccine mandate was a vast government overreach that reeked of despotism. This was a unilateral decision that sought to achieve an outcome through coercion and intimidation.”

“House Republicans have stood firmly against this assault on personal freedoms. Granite Staters are smart enough to make their own health care decisions without fear of the government taking away their right to provide for themselves and their families. Although today’s decision is a win, we must not be complacent as the Biden Administration continues to thwart states’ rights and individual liberties.

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