House Republicans Praise Right-to-Work Legislation

Concord, NH – House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) and House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Chairman Will Infantine (R-Manchester) released the following statements following the hearing on SB61, prohibiting collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join a labor union:

Majority Leader Osborne: 

“This is about giving Granite Staters the freedom they deserve in addition to the clear economic benefits of passing this bill. Workers should not be coerced into paying union dues just to hold a job. Three years ago the Supreme Court decided that public sector employees cannot be forced to pay union dues as part of their employment and workers in private industry should be afforded the same opportunity. Despite what the opponents of this bill say, it does nothing to affect an individual’s ability to join or form a union, it simply allows them to make a decision on whether or not  membership is worth their hard earned money.”

Chairman Will Infantine:

“New Hampshire has a golden opportunity to jump-start its economic growth by becoming New England’s only Right-to-Work state. If the 27 Right-to-Work states nationwide have proven anything it’s that passing this legislation will result in more jobs, better wages, and more freedom for New Hampshire’s workforce.”

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