Majority Leader Osborne Comments on 30% Payroll Tax Cut for New Hampshire Businesses

Concord, NH – Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement after the news that payroll taxes will be cut by 30% for New Hampshire businesses. This rate reduction was triggered due to the current strength of New Hampshire’s Unemployment Trust Fund.

“This is welcome news for New Hampshire businesses after a disastrous two years of Democrat economic policy blunders. Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington have pushed us past the brink of recession, fueling rampant inflation and skyrocketing energy prices. The savings from this tax cut will allow employers to weather worsening economic conditions and save jobs in the process. While Democrats persist with the same failed policies that brought us these hardships, we will fight to make sure Granite Staters survive it. The stakes this November could not be higher. New Hampshire simply cannot afford to allow Democrats to turn Concord into Washington D.C.”


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