NH House Affirms Support for FITN

Concord, NH- Rep. Keith Ammon (R-New Boston) released the following statement after the NH House passed a resolution affirming our support for the First in the Nation primary.

“Today the House passed a resolution to affirm our support for the First in the Nation primary.” 

“Last Thursday the Republican National Committee voted unanimously to make no changes to the presidential nominating calendar keeping the four early voting states. In contrast the Democratic National Committee has opened the door to a challenge to our First in the Nation status. They have given us two months to let us prove why we should keep the primary.”

“We are required by state law to be first, but the DNC’s obsession with identity politics is the reason why they believe New Hampshire should not keep the First in the Nation primary. We just celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2020. Even though we are a small state, in a small market, we have a proven ability to vet candidates for president. You do not have to be wealthy to run here, and if you want to be president, you can have a chance here.” 

“New Hampshire has been a shining example of civic engagement since 1920, I thank the NH House for affirming our support for the First in the Nation preservation.”

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