Rep. Berry Comments on Democrats’ Redistricting Hypocrisy

Concord, NH- Rep. Ross Berry (R-Manchester), member of the Special Committee on Redistricting, released the following statement after the committee voted 8-7 on SB200, which was amended to include the congressional district map.

“Today New Hampshire House Democrats got exactly what they requested- a map that has the lowest population deviation that we have seen in any map, keeps economic communities together, keeps 8 out 10 counties intact, and is perfectly competitive. Their response? To double down on the existing map which breaks apart half of the counties in the state and only keeps one economic community together.”

“New Hampshire House Democrats should be honest about what they mean by ‘competitive.’ What they mean is a map that prioritizes and protects their incumbents. They spent the bulk of their time today advocating that we draw maps around incumbents and candidates, not the people of New Hampshire or their interests. Maybe House Democrats should listen to their own empty rhetoric from the last 8 months and vote for this map that meets every requirement they set out. It should be noted that 10 years ago, the current map was vehemently opposed. Now that map is the ‘gold standard’ and the foundation for their hypocritical messaging regarding federal representation of New Hampshire.”

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