Rep. Mead Resigns from NH House to assume House Chief of Staff position


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Contact: Jim Rivers
December 2, 2010 271-6277

William O’ Brien

Speaker of the House

For Immediate Release:

As Speaker of the New Hampshire

House of Representatives, I am pleased to announce Representative

Bob Mead ( R- Mont Vernon) has agreed to join my team as Chief of

Staff. Bob has honorably served as the Hillsborough District 4

State Representative for two terms. He will be resigning as a

state representative in order to accept this new position.

With over 30 years of business

operations experience in both startups and multimillion-dollar

worldwide companies Bob brings a strong background in management

that will prove invaluable to the legislative business operations.

He will be a key element in addressing the budget deficit and

return spending to levels that New Hampshire can afford.

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