House Committee Leadership Positions Announced

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December 9, 2010 271-6277

House Committee Leadership Positions Announced

The Speaker of the New Hampshire House, William O’Brien, today released the names of most of those who will fill leadership positions on the various standing committees. He also announced changes being made in the committee structure, which includes the elimination of the Local & Regulated Revenues committee, separating two committees into divisions, and creating two new committees to handle constitutional review and petitions for redress of grievances.

“Given the large volume of bills that are heard each session in Judiciary, as well as the committee on Commerce and Consumer Affairs, I felt it important that we create these divisions  in order to give proper and due diligence to the legislation being sent to those committees,” said the speaker.

Two divisions have been created in Commerce and Consumer Affairs: Insurance & Consumer Regulations, and Banking & Business Regulations.  Rep. John Hunt of Rindge will once again chair the Commerce and Consumer Affairs committee.  Rep. Jenn Coffey of Andover will serve asvice chairman.

The Judiciary committee, chaired by Rep. Robert Rowe of Amherst, will also have two divisions: Judicial Administration, also chaired by Rowe; and Judicial Policy, chaired by Rep. Gregory Sorg of Easton, who will also serve as the vice-chairman for the Judiciary committee.

Speaker O’Brien also announced the creation of two additional committees.   The Committee on Petitions for Redress of Grievances will be chaired by Paul Ingbretson of Pike.  The Committee on Constitutional Review and Statutory Recodification will be chaired by Daniel Itse of Fremont, with John Cebrowski of Bedford serving as the vice-chairman.

Other committee leadership appointments include:

Children and Family Law:

Chair—Edward Moran, Bedford

Vice Chairman—Edith Hogan, Nashua

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Chair—Elaine Swinford, Barnstead

Vice Chairman —Larry Gagne, Manchester


Chair—Michael Balboni, Nashua

Vice Chairman —Ralph Boehm, Litchfield

Election Law:

Chair—David Bates, Windham

Vice Chairman —Dino Scala, Wakefield

Environment & Agriculture:

Chair—Robert Haefner, Hudson

Vice Chairman —Warren Groen, Rochester

Executive Departments and Administration:

Chair—Carol McGuire, Epsom

Vice Chairman —Kenneth Hawkins, Bedford


Chair—Kenneth Weyler, Kingston

Vice Chairman —Lynne Ober, Hudson

Finance, Division 1: Chair—William Belvin, Amherst

Finance, Division 2: Chair—Will Smith, New Castle

Finance, Division 3: Chair—Neal Kurk, Weare

Fish and Game and Marine Resources:

Chair—Gary Hopper, Weare

Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs:

Chair—John Reagan, Deerfield

Vice Chairman —Frank Kotowski, Hooksett

Labor, Industrial & Rehabilitative Services:

Chair—Gary Daniels, Milford

Vice Chairman —William Infantine, Manchester

Legislative Administration:

Chair—Paul Mirski, Enfield

Municipal & County Government

Chair—Beverly Ferrante, Derry

Vice Chairman —Franklin Sterling, Jaffrey

Public Works & Highways:

Chair—Gene Chandler, Bartlett

Vice Chairman —Carl Seidel, Nashua

Resources, Recreation & Development:

Chair—Andrew Renzullo, Hudson

Vice Chairman —L. Michael  Kappler, Raymond

Science, Technology & Energy:

Chair—James Garrity, Atkinson

Vice Chairman —Frank Holden, Lyndeborough

State, Federal Relations & Veterans’ Affairs:

Chair—Alfred Baldasaro, Londonderry


Chair—Sherman Packard, Londonderry

Vice Chairman —John Hikel, Goffstown

Ways & Means:

Chair—Stephen Stepanek, Milford

Vice Chairman —Norman Major, Plaistow

Additional appointments to committee leadership posts will be announced by the speaker later in the week and the full committee assignments are expected to be released by December 15.

“We made every attempt to put the most qualified people into these leadership positions, based on their expertise,” said Speaker O’Brien. “I am pleased with the mixture of both veteran lawmakers, including some former chairs and vice-chairs, and those who are relative newcomers to leadership,” he concluded.

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